Why Us


Proffesional Team

We are very serious about the service we provide

Our industry experts have a secure global network in the precious metals and stones sector and provide a fully comprehensive service, ranging from extraction and refining to marketing and distribution.

We believe in improving the efficiency of the market by extending commodity access through deploying security and risk-free logistics, this secures the business transparency and strengthens the connections between our suppliers, ensuring secure performing transactions.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With corporate social responsibility as a core tenet of our philosophy, AJOS ensures our business model conforms to all national and international rules, regulations, and ethical standards. Additionally, concerning our mining operations in West Africa, we strive to follow environmental impact assessment protocols to guarantee that our concession area remains habitable.

Through our artisanal approach to gold mining, we also work towards the mitigation of chemical damage to the environment. AJOS Precious Metals Trading LLC fulfils its CSR and commitment to the region’s chiefdoms, as well as demonstrating its respect of West African chiefs and citizenry, by employing a majority of locals as staff for the company’s operations on the ground. In hiring West African nationals, we ensure community involvement and support the growth of the local economy, in addition to delivering invaluable knowledge and skills by providing our staff with training in such roles as miners, machine operators, geologists, assayers, and so on.


At AJOS we prioritize security and transparency over everything.


Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

Fair trade

Ajos prioritise fair trade higher then anything!

Secure Investments

All our investment plans are secure and tailored with maximum confidentially.


We are always open for discussion and always trying to facilitate our costumers needs in best manner.

Tailored Services

If you are an investor, supplier or end user. AJOS will have a solution to simplify your ventures in the industry.