Precious Metals



Gold is the most actively traded of all metals, and for a good reason. Its unique properties of durability, malleability and conductivity make it a very desirable and in-demand metal for everything from industrial applications to jewellery. Like most commodities, the price of gold is shaped by market forces of supply and demand. Couple the high demand for gold with a limited supply, and you have all the ingredients for a sought-after commodity that keeps its value over long periods of time.

AJOS is a full-service supplier of gold bullion and Gold Dore via bank to bank based transactions. The gold inventory AJOS has available ranges from small trial deliveries of 50-100 KG’s, up to several metric tons over a year contract period. All transactions are handled most transparently and discretely.


Silver is often viewed as a cheaper alternative to gold, but its unique properties make it entirely different from its shinier counterpart. Aside from its use in jewellery, silver has broad applications as an industrial metal.

It is hence more susceptible to conditions in the manufacturing industry and business activity among companies who use it. Because of that, price fluctuations are usually more volatile in the silver market in contrast to gold, making it a good candidate for short-term investors.


Platinum, like gold, also tends to gain value during times of economic, financial, or political crisis. It is much rarer compared to gold, however, and commands a much higher price and is thus less traded.

All things considered, it can serve as an alternative safe investment, especially when the gold market becomes too active. Platinum also has things in common with silver when it comes to specific industrial uses, making its price sensitive to changing business conditions as well.