Our Story


Secure and Risk-Free

AJOS Trading is a highly experienced precious metals and stones trader in the UAE, offering a secure supply chain from source to trade. We tailor our services according to the needs of our customers and do this most reliably and transparently.

AJOS sources gold and diamonds from conflict-free zones in West Africa and East Africa’s most active gold and diamond mining countries. Working directly with mines, production companies and National Governments worldwide, we can guarantee quality and integrity. Our confidence comes from being on the ground, getting our boots dirty and building relationships in parts of the world most would never visit.


We aim to become the provider of choice for precious metals and stones trading and investment.


At AJOS we attach great value to reliable and transparent partnerships. With our experienced team of experts, we always find the most ideal and secure solution for our client’s individual needs.

Our Values

Quality, Reliability, Safety, Efficiency, Integrity, Innovation and Sustainability.

At AJOS we firmly believe in integrity and thus follow strict protocols to ensure trustworthy procurement of our precious metals and stones. We solely source from conflict-free certified sources, making sure always to provide the best quality. We attach great value to the relationship with our clients, making us a reliable and safe partner.

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