Precious Stones




AJOS has verifiable and direct suppliers of wholesale rough/uncut diamonds and an on the ground staff in several countries in Africa for, and Kimberley certified uncut diamonds. The AJOS CRS standards and human rights policies are of the most stringent and effective in sourcing high-value commodities from conflict-free zones of the world. Our core business, in the beginning, was mining, metals and minerals. Thus, our team has worked in all most all the countries of the African region.

The wholesale rough uncut diamonds we have available are based upon the bank to bank transactions via FOB or CIF purchasing procedures to fully qualified buyers. Buyers are more than welcome to view the diamond inventory and buy directly from our supply offices.

In addition to providing high-quality Kimberley Certified rough uncut diamonds, AJOS has established stable relationships with the leading cutters in the world. AJOS has a select cutting program for the diamonds brought to the marketplace we provide.

Our sourcing professionals perform their due diligence to ensure all parties are protected in the acquisition of rough uncut diamonds. (not sure what this sentence is saying) In addition to rough uncut diamonds, AJOS has established stable relationships with leading cutters in the world.

AJOS works with experienced and noteworthy law firms that specialise in handling precious stone documentation, Kimberley Certificate verification and title transfer processes.


Gemstones have been a preferred way of squeezing a giant pile of cash into the most compact asset that can be carried in a pocket—a veritable asset whose value has only increased going by the historical data. Historical values of coloured gemstones suggest an exponential increase in value. While diamonds have been marketed well and have become a well-known investment proposition, coloured gemstones are relatively lesser known but pack in more punch than the sparkly diamonds, their gravity-defying per carat sale values overshooting diamonds by several notches.

To cite an example, an unheated Burmese Ruby of 8.62 carats sold for $3.62 million at Christie’s in 2006 and set a new world record price for an unheated Burma ruby at $420,000 per carat!

AJOS can supply a wide array of natural coloured gemstones – both precious stones (like Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Natural Pearl,) and semi-precious stones (like Amethyst, Topaz, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli,).